Mining Instruction – Step 2 Setup Hashflare mining account

  1. Open an account in https://hashflare.io/r/82C63DBF , please use this link so i can earn some commission from it 😃
  2. Once registered and login, click on “Setting” and enable “2 factor authentication” , make sure you have either Microsoft authenticator or Google authenticator. This is very IMPORTANT to secure your account.
  3. In “Setting” page, enter the ETH address from step 1. Click “Save”.

  4. Click on “Buy Hashrate” to buy Hash power to start mining.

  1. We will be focusing on ETH mining click “ETHASH”

  1. This is what you will be seeing , BUT let’s calculate the investment on…

  1. Goto https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/eth , then put in any number you desired to invest, i would suggest to start with 80MH/s(80,000KHs).
  1. Investment of 80MH/s (1 year with no maintenance fees! BTC has maintenance fees.) USD 1,760 . you can pay with credit card. Based on cryptocompare.com calculator, you will get USD4,015.94 after 1 year if the coin maintained at USD1,308.17 ( but i am foreseeing it to go up 😃. ) . You are getting net profit USD2,255.94, 120% gain from your investment!!!!
  2. Next proceed to finish the payment, and the miner will start mining.  It will appear on “History” page on daily basis. The ETH will accumulate before it get transfer to the ETH wallet.

Mining instruction – Step 1 Creating Wallet address at Binance

I am going to provide mining instruction using Hashflare.io and how to create the wallet easiest way using Binance. In this tutorial (Step 1) you will learn how to create wallet address. You need wallet before proceed with any mining or trading.

1. Create digital wallet at exchange if not familiar with private digital wallet. Click on the link https://www.binance.com/?ref=18320921

2. Setup 2 factor authentication in Binance account (either Microsoft Authenticator or Google authenticator.)

3. Setup SMS authentication to strengthen the security of Binance account.

4. Click on Fund -> Deposit Withdrawals to create coin address.

Checking your wallet address

5. Type “ETH” in search column.

look for ETH coin

6. Click “Deposit”

ETH wallet address

7. Copy down Deposit address by highlighting and press ctrl+c button to copy down the address. Do take note that this is unique address that accept only ETH coin, sending non-ETH coin to this address will lead to missing coin and you will lost it forever.

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