fsck in SunOS 5.1 i386 processor

Yesterday was not a good day, gnome-session was dead in my Linux core machine causes some failure to my apps. My perforce proxy server is upside down,  seems like the hardware is dying soon. As usual, unless the server has death certification, else we will continue to squeeze it….

Trying to google around for SUN OS single mode (without cd) boot up so i can run fsck on root volume. This is the finding i have for SunOS 5.1 i386 after combining all article read.

Run fsck in SunOS 5.1

1. Boot into single mode

reboot — -m milestone=”none”

2. run

fsck -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0


** phase 1 – Check Blocks and Sizes
** phase 2 – Check Pathnames
** phase 3 – Check Connectivity
** phase 4 – Check Reference Counts
** phase 5 – Check Cylinder Groups

I am safe, no bad superblock or sector. However, if you are running into trouble like : corrupted super block

newfs -Nv /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0

to obtain the block number of Superblock backup’s. Then finally

fsck -F ufs -o -b=32 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0

*When you created new file system, alternate superblock was created as well, we are using this technique to repair bad superblock.

I will need to use smartd to scan the harddisk in SUN. write this on next post later on.

LG Lollipop (GD580) GMAIL IMAP setup

I bought my LG lollipop recently and have been quite excited with the J-phone alike or feel. Bigger screen, Flip, Great animation in Menu and dashboard. With the impression that Jphone can access Email easily, so i decided to enable to email in my phone as well. By referring to Gmail setup here . However, the explanation sucks! It takes me few attempt before i can successfully access to GMAIL.

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server – requires SSL:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – requires TLS: (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
Port: 465 or 587
Account Name: your full email address (including Google Apps users, please enter
Email Address: your full Gmail email address ( Google Apps users, please enter
Password: your Gmail password

My Setting in Gmail

Title: Gmail

My Name: Tingwei

user name:

password: ****

Email address:

Reply email address:

Outgoing mail server:

Incoming mail server:

SMTP port number : 465


Incoming server port : 993

Incoming TSL/SSL: SSL

SMTP authentication: On

SMTP username:

SMTP password: ****

*The rest leave it as default

** If you happen to cancel the synchronization , the rest of the connection will fail for sure. Reboot your Lollipop!

*** Instead of using gmail , apply googlemail . It works like charm, thanks for a comment that i found on a blog!  —> IMPORTANT

Enjoy then!

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