I am going to provide mining instruction using Hashflare.io and how to create the wallet easiest way using Binance. In this tutorial (Step 1) you will learn how to create wallet address. You need wallet before proceed with any mining or trading.

1. Create digital wallet at exchange if not familiar with private digital wallet. Click on the link https://www.binance.com/?ref=18320921

2. Setup 2 factor authentication in Binance account (either Microsoft Authenticator or Google authenticator.)

3. Setup SMS authentication to strengthen the security of Binance account.

4. Click on Fund -> Deposit Withdrawals to create coin address.

Checking your wallet address

5. Type “ETH” in search column.

look for ETH coin

6. Click “Deposit”

ETH wallet address

7. Copy down Deposit address by highlighting and press ctrl+c button to copy down the address. Do take note that this is unique address that accept only ETH coin, sending non-ETH coin to this address will lead to missing coin and you will lost it forever.