Networker wayIn part 2 , the steps are only 4.  This option require fundamental knowledge of Networker. I am using Networker 8.6.

Steps are:

1. smtape directly to tape using Networker.

2. Send the tape to the destination site

3. smtape restore directly to snapmirror destination volume.

4. snapmirror resync!


I am not going to cover how to create client/group/media pool . Here is the command i used for smtape backup.

 Once you got the tape at destination site , load it :

You MUST use option “-S” (SSID) for smtape restoration.

[root@backup_server]# nsrndmp_recover -c filer_A -S 2604589186 -R filer_B -m /vol/test_restore
42795:nsrndmp_recover: Performing recover from Non-NDMP type of device
Host = backup_server ( port = 9861
42690:nsrndmp_recover: Performing non-DAR Recovery..
42937:nsrdsa_recover: Performing Immediate recover
42940:nsrdsa_recover: Reading Data...
42942:nsrdsa_recover: Reading data...DONE.
42927:nsrndmp_recover: Successfully done

After restoration is done, check on snapmirror status and run the resync command. Please check on article part 1 if you do not know how to check the snapmirror status and run the resync.

1. SMtape allow backup and recover for full volume only.
2. Recovery must have save set ID (SSID)
3. Do not remove the smtape snapshot at source until the snapmirror resync run.