Netapp smtape to external hard harddisk (workaround)

smtape is useful if you need to transfer huge volume over low bandwidth  network.  Let say i have a 7TB volumeA to transfer over to remote site , it is going to take forever to transfer.  smtape comes in as a solution, you can smtape to tapedrive and send the tape over to your remote site.

But what if your remote site does not have any tape library? I am going to show you the workaround smtape to volume(not tape drive) . smtape will create a single dump file and you can just copy it via CIFS/NFS to your external harddisk. Send it over to remote site, then attach the USB harddisk to one of Windows/Linux server, copy it into Netapp vis CIFS/NFS(temp volume) .

Source : VMware_ISO
Destination : test_restore
smtape temp volume : test_sm2t

Prerequisite : priv set diag

1. smtape backup /vol/VMware_ISO /vol/test_sm2t/dump/disk_file
2. vol restrict test_restore
3. smtape restore /vol/test_restore /vol/test_sm2t/dump/disk_file
4. snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.
Source                                                      Destination                                           State          Lag        Status
snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0  mynas01:test_restore                                 Snapmirrored   00:01:09   Idle
mynas01:VMware_ISO                                         snapmirror_tape_6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2  Source         00:01:09   Idle

5. snap list VMware_ISO

Volume VMware_ISO
  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:27  snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0 (snapmirror)

6. snap list test_restore

Volume test_restore
  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:27  snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0

7. snapmirror resync -S mynas01:VMware_ISO mynas01:test_restore

mynas01*> snapmirror resync -S mynas01:VMware_ISO mynas01:test_restore
NOTE: Destination volume test_restore is already a replica.
NOTE: Resync will not need to revert the volume.
The resync base snapshot will be: snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0
Are you sure you want to resync the volume? y
Fri Oct  5 15:30:04 MYT [mynas01: replication.dst.resync.success:notice]: SnapMirror resync of test_restore to mynas01:VMware_ISO was successful.
Transfer started.
Monitor progress with 'snapmirror status' or the snapmirror log.
mynas01*> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.
Source                Destination                                           State          Lag        Status
mynas01:VMware_ISO   mynas01:test_restore                                 Snapmirrored   00:00:52   Idle
mynas01:VMware_ISO   snapmirror_tape_6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2  Source         00:03:41   Idle

8. snapmirror status -l mynas01:test_restore

Source:                 mynas01:VMware_ISO
Destination:            mynas01:test_restore
Status:                 Idle
Progress:               -
State:                  Snapmirrored
Lag:                    00:01:14
Mirror Timestamp:       Fri Oct  5 15:30:05 MYT 2012
Base Snapshot:          mynas01(1574419105)_test_restore.1
Current Transfer Type:  -
Current Transfer Error: -
Contents:               Replica
Last Transfer Type:     Resync
Last Transfer Size:     100 KB
Last Transfer Duration: -
Last Transfer From:     mynas01:VMware_ISO

9. snap list VMware_ISO

Volume VMware_ISO
  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:30  mynas01(1574419105)_test_restore.1 (snapmirror)
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:27  snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0 (snapmirror)

10. snap list test_restore

Volume test_restore
  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:30  mynas01(1574419105)_test_restore.1
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Oct 05 15:27  snapshot_for_smtape.6a1045a6-1050-11e2-bc32-00a098186ab2.0



  1. Hi TingWei,
    I used the same procedure but i am facing issue while restoring the image.
    It says “Invalid Source path”.
    Can you please help me with it.


  2. TingWei

    October 17, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Hi Sid,

    I will try my very best to help.

    1. What is the Ontap version running ? (source and destination filer)
    2. How did you copy the dump file? Any print screen for what you have done?

    Email me at

  3. Hi,
    The issue was with the user i was using advanced user rather than using diag user.
    Thanks for the response.


  4. TingWei

    October 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Hi Sid,

    Glad that you found the problem!


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