Designsync dword

I have no result found from Google regarding Designsync dword and i think i should share it out after getting the info from Designsync support.


grep -H ServerMaintenanceMode=dword:1 /<path>/<port_number>/PortRegistry.reg

dword:1 = Normal operation

dword:2 = Set server to read-only mode

dword:3 = block all read and write access to server


  1. I missed what the question was. I know a bit about DesignSync. Maybe I can help. Send me a message.

  2. TingWei

    December 19, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Rick,
    I was just writing this down for my future references. it is merely impossible to find any designsync related document in google 🙂

    thanks for your offer !

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