I have been thinking on having my home NAS and i did survey for a few market product like QSNAP or SYNOLOGY will cost me near to 1000USD , if i were to get a RAID-5 + hot swap features. I struggled for a while and decided to use the simplest + cheap solution for home NAS to host my photo + movie + mp3.

Step 1 – Identify OS:

1. Freenas – FreeBSD based , i like FreeBSD because it was the core for Netapp too.

2. Openfiler – CentOS based, customized for NAS.

3. Fedora + Samba

I picked number 3 which is Fedora + Samba , as i still need my NAS OS to be a multi purpose server and i love YUM~

Step2 – Hardware

1. 2 years old HP 110 Netbook

2. 2TB Seagate External Harddisk

Finally…. the combination!

HP 2 years old 110

2TB Seagate External Disk

Fedora 15