Situation: You have NIS Master, you need a slave setup in your office.

This tutorial is covering steps for Redhat/CentOS/Fedora 64 bits. It might differ from what you have seen online.

1. Install ypserv in your server

yum install -y  ypserv.x86_64

2. Start the services

service ypserv start

service ypxfrd start

3. Verify the yp is ready

#rpcinfo -u localhost ypserv
program 100004 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100004 version 2 ready and waiting
4. Copy the database fro Master

/usr/lib/yp/ypinit -s master_domain_name


/usr/lib64/yp/ypinit -s master_domain_name

5. edit /etc/yp.conf

ensure you have the new slave hostname set is primary

6. Test

ypcat -k passwd | grep userid

7. Never forget to turn on

chkconfig ypserv on

chkconfig ypxfrd on

How to keep the database in sync?

1. Master push , this can be done via master. You can find it here

2.Slave pull from Master.


either one will do:

ypxfr_1perday  ypxfr_1perhour  ypxfr_2perday

Run this at your crontab 🙂