Redhat just released RHEL 5.4 with KVM & Xen both supported in this release, so i have downloaded CentOS 5.4 and try to play around with KVM.

My hardware:

Dell M710 with 8 cores of  Nehalem , 72G of RAMs

My OS:

CentOS 5.4 with KVM & Xen installed

My test guest:

Windows 7

The sweet thing:

The bad thingssss:

  • Xen & KVM cannot run in the same time, it is either KVM or Xen
  • No paravirtualization in KVM, only FULL Virtialization, Xen jhas both!
  • Need driver for network in paravirtualzied mode for XP,Vista,Win7
  • No network bridge setup!! Xen do this automatically for us! Network bridge allow your guest os to have their own IP without sharing with the host! I will cover this later on.

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