Dell has a very good Driver support page until recently they forced the user to use Dell Download Manager which is sucks! If you are XP user, you have no choice but to use Download Manager, but they did not provide Proxy setting in the Download Manager!! Firefox and IE both not working! Shame on you Dell!

Luckily my colleague found a loop hole which is to use Linux’s Firefox to download the driver.

So Dell latest M710 come with Intel Nahelem 🙂 which is the latest toy for us to play with, but i have to install Windows XP 64 bits for the organization needs! Dell does not support windows XP in official, so you have to grab the driver by yourself.

Since the RAID controller is LSI SAS 1068E , just goto

and download the installer for Windows XP or whatever OS you can find inside.

Go and google how to install Third Party RAID drive , i am not covering it here.