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Linux useful find command

find /var/log -mtime +60 -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

This command will do a search in /var/log for all files that were last modified 60 or more days ago and executes a recursive forced (-rf) remove (rm). The “{}” (curly braces) is the place holder for exec to use where it will put the name of the file, and the “\;” tells exec that’s the end of the statement. Find is very powerful, and I suggest you do some reading BEFORE you do any removing using “find”. Also, as a test you can replace the “rm -rf” with “ls -la” to get a list of all the files that would be removed. And, if you want to remove files with specific names or extensions use the “-name” argument.

Source :

I wanted to find the file which has not been modified(untouch) for more than 30days and list it out for me.

find /usr1 -mtime +60 -type f -exec ls -l {} \;

so, if you want to find the file has been modified within 10  days just modify mtime value

find /usr1 -mtime -10 -type f -exec ls -l {} \;

Snapmirror time taken

I have a mission to upgrade my single FAS 3020 to cluster FAS 3050.

With the help from NetApp professional service team, i managed to

  • Removed the 3020 head and replaced with new 3050 head and re-own the disk.
  • Setup cluster environment.

Here is the detail for my 3020:

Ontap 7.2.4

FC disk shelf x 6

4 port-channel network cable

My ultimate goal:

  • Upgrade to Ontap
  • Upgrade all Firmware(disk,disk shelf….etc)
  • Setup cluster(filer A & B)
  • snapmirror 2.8TB over to filer B.

The upgrade finished successfully and smoothly. The challenging part will be snapmirror. We have 2 days down time and was hoping the snapmirror to finish ASAP.

NetApp told me the rough calculation is :

~200GB / hour = 14 hours for the snapmirror if everything goes well.

During the snapmirror ,  there were no activities on both filer except snapmirror.

The destination(filerB) CPU load was ~45%(sysstat -m) and the speed was about 220GB/hour.

I am so glad that the snapmirror for 2.8TB finished within 12hours. Oh ya, the filer B is also configured with 4 port channel network.

I searched for so many sites and there is no article/blog mentioning about the snapmirror time, you may refer to NetApp for the data or just refer to my post 🙂

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